Since 1963... a reality that continues


In 1957, at only 16 years old, Franco Pilone began his challenge in the world of moulds, working as an apprentice; his excellent skills with the pantograph led him in 1963, at the age of 22, to set up his own business, opening the Officine Franco Pilone in via Costantino Nigra in Turin.

Change them to buy the first milling machines, lathes and filing machines leased, and 13 hours of daily work, working and holidays; after the first moulds of the Fiat 850 deflectors, the fame of the small workshop grows rapidly together with the number of orders thanks to the quality, complexity and precisionof the manufactured products.

The mechanical workshop is getting bigger and bigger: it moves first to Piazza Sofia in Turin, and then, in 1970, in the place where it is still, in Strada Bertolla all’Abbadia di Stura, 22, where Franco Pilone has built a state-of-the-art factory, equipped with the first numerical control machines.

And the story continues:the Company, strong of the Values and teachings of its Owner, continues to flourish in the production of highly complex and superior quality products.