From concept to project

Stampi Pilone concretize your ideas through a first mathematical and graphic realization!

Industrial design & engineering

The Company is able to create a first drawing of the finished product, using CAD, graphics and simulation programs, inserting all the characteristics required by the customer. Sketches and renders are therefore provided, which allow the buyer to be able to evaluate the product requested, in 2D, 3D with the desired shapes and colors.

This process is essential to create customer projects and is divided into two phases.

  • Step one.
    In this step the designers of Stampi Pilone ask their interlocutor about the product that the latter would like to realize, trying to understand the shapes, colors and materials to use, but above all the purposes and functionality of the final product.
  • Step two.
    After having studied ad hoc all the details and changes to be made, so as to be able to adapt it to the production of the moulds, the Company provides the customer with renders, which allow him to see a first hypothesis of the requested product.
    In this phase of development the details are drawn with the details for the purpose of use (for example, any hooks), the remains and the parameters necessary to be processed.

The moment of development and rendering is fundamental for the success of the production of the moulds and then for the realization of the manufactured products; this step allows the buyer to evaluate the aesthetic and economic sustainability of the project and to make the right corrections to optimize the product.
The advantage of this process is to evaluate the changes needed to achieve a linear and efficient production, without distorting the required characteristics.