Plastic injection moulds

Plastic injection moulds

Thanks to the experience of its operators, the Company guarantees the precision and accuracy of the shapes desired by the customer, carefully studying the mould, in order to favor the most optimal and fast industrialization on the different presses;
manufactures molds for thermoplastic materials, especially in the automotive, household appliance, sports goods and promotional materials.

The flagship of this company is the ability to produce mirror polished pieces internally, without relying on external collaborators, to obtain finished details of excellent transparency; In contrast, using internal erosion or suppliers to create specific textures, Stampi Pilone is able to achieve satin finishes respecting the indexes required by the customer.

Handling can be carried out at the customer’s request, for example exhausting plates, pneumatic cylinders, connections to jacks, air circuits.

Among the pieces produced with these molds are remembered both aesthetic pieces and technical articles, including: lids, caps, boxes, ski racks, disks, display materials, frames, trays, linear materials.

The Company, having specialized in copying moulds of relative dimensions, also deals with moulds for the thermoforming of plastic plates.