Rubber injection moulds

Rubber injection moulds

For over half a century, the experience of Stampi Pilone provides molds for the rubber industry of high complexity and is in fact able to study and produce molds for the creation of artifacts from the simplest specifications, up to composite parts of many details and with mechanical movements studied ad hoc to allow the optimal extraction of the piece.

Pilone Stampi is a leader in the production of jointing moulds for highly complex sealing seals (such as mirror triangles, door stop seals), sleeves, caps and headphones, anti-vibration systems, rubber-metal parts, caps and rubber pads, rings, scrapers, etc.. The type of moulds built are:

  • moulds for technical articles
  • dies for drawing
  • moulds for rubber-metal
  • two-component moulds

Stampi Pilone can boast quality moulds, which after delivery, do not need substantial fine-tuning for use, and, thanks to careful preliminary study, guarantee the minimum abrasion of the steels and therefore the maximum guarantee of use over time.

In addition, the Company, together with the designated foundry, is responsible for structuring and producing die-casting moulds according to the required requirements; the collaboration between the two entities is fundamental, in order to ensure a precise result and a high quality of the casting..

The Technical Office therefore follows the customer with advice from the preventive phase up to the production, in order to collect all the variables that make up the production cycle of die-casting, with the aim of optimizing the finishing of the outgoing parts.