Towards production

With the help of injection moulding machines your products are made

Injection moulding

In 2020 the company invested in the purchase of plastic injection moulding machines, so that it could manage production internally and offer an additional service to customers, with higher quality and faster delivery times.

The machines in possession of Stampi Pilone s.r.l are fully integrated, with 4.0 technology, which allows to manage the production even remotely; they are also equipped with certified work cells, with automated material socket, robots on board the machine and conveyor belt.

Despite their complexity, these machines were created to consume as little energy as possible, so as to try to minimize even the impact that processing has on the environment and increase price competitiveness.

The Company evaluates which plastic material has the best performance for each type of production, which will vary depending on the result that the customer wants to obtain; Stampi Pilone is able to produce objects in different plastic and thermoplastic materials, both technical (for example PA66, POM, TPE) both aesthetic (SAN, polystyrene, ABS and polycarbonates) and achieve exactly the coloring required by customers, making it produce master ad hoc, which adapt perfectly to the basic material used.
The strong point of our moulding are transparent aesthetic details, (such as shelves, trays and multipurpose containers), a valid alternative in the niche sector of the exhibition and furniture.

The machine fleet consists of presses of different sizes, from 50 to 400 tons, in order to ensure the production of very small parts up to a weight of 2 kg , with the use of moulds with maximum column passage of 1185 1055 mm.

For larger workings we rely on external collaborators, who have been carefully selected, so as to ensure a good success of the finished product.